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This week’s Meet a Mom interview is with Nicole Walters, a former Fortune 500 executive who quit her job to find her passion helping other entrepreneurs as CEO of Inherit Learning Company, adopted three kids and is now star of She’s the Boss (watch it on  We spoke to this consulting powerhouse about her career path, life as a mom and more.

You’ve had a pretty incredible and varied career – what do you consider to be the highlights?
One of the biggest highlights of my career is when my daughter, Krissy, launched her own six-figure business. I’ve helped over 5200 people launch and start their own business, but watching my daughter launch her business was a manifestation of what it looks like to leave a legacy.

Amazing. What made you decide to quit your job running a Fortune 500 company and launch Inherit Learning Company?
The answer is twofold. The first being I know I wasn’t using my God-given gifts to impact the world the way that I should. The second one was I was great at my job and I was great at building this business, but my job fed my family but it didn’t feed my soul and I couldn’t ignore it. I had to see what was possible and I’m glad that I did.

How would you describe Inherit Learning Company and why is it so needed?
Our mission is simple. We help businesses grow. Founded by noted business strategist and consultant Nicole Walters, Inherit Learning Company has equipped thousands of entrepreneurs with the structure and strategy to take their business to the next level. Whether you’re an emerging entrepreneur or run an established company, we offer the right training that will help you build a sustainable, debt-free business. Our signature training programs and consulting services incorporate proven, business principles that help you make sound decisions that ensure lasting success.

There is a lot of noise on the internet around what is right, and people showing flashy lifestyles, but not showing how to build from the ground up with proven business principles. We stand in the gap by showing people how to not only have a popular business but a sustainable profitable one.

What is your favorite part of being an entrepreneur?
The flexibility to do what needs to be done with less red tape. I’m a solutions driven person and I like to get from a to b as quickly as possible. Entrepreneurship allows you to do that because you are driving your own life.

What advice do you give other moms looking to start their own businesses?
ILC gives them the tools and resources they need to do it the right way from the ground up. Also, the support and community of a relatable mom driven business that understands the daily pressures and joys of parenting and entrepreneurship.

What was it like adopting three daughters while pivoting your career – and how did you come to meet and adopt them?
I met my daughters one cold night on the side of the street in Baltimore, MD. I share the story in detail on my show on USA network and on my podcast, The Nicole Walters Podcast. However, going from mentor to mom in just 30 days was my motivation and incentive to start a business. Not only did I have a need to be more present because I  have these three new babies, but I also felt the pressure to live my legacy because I had three girls watching me.

What advice do you give your daughters about career/work/success?
The biggest advice is that with no limitations with time and resources they can truly do anything. Where they have been doesn’t dictate where they are going.

Tell us about She’s The Boss – what has that experience been like?
Having a TV show is such a privilege and I’ve been grateful to reach and impact people in a bigger way than ever. It’s also exciting to share the balance of what it looks like to be a mom, an entrepreneur, and what a hot mess express it can be sometimes and it’s totally worth it.

How does your husband support you?
My husband is very good at things that I’m not good at. He’s good at details like paperwork and legal. It’s great because no gaps are missed. At home he loves to play with the kids, do the activities, and watch a million Star Wars movies and nothing is ever missing. Sometimes it’s important to find a partner that can handle some of the things that you don’t want to handle so there are no gaps.

What can we expect from your upcoming memoir?
I’m adding color to the black and white that you’re seeing on social media. There’s so much more than what’s captured in just a few words on a post or a few minutes on tv. I’m excited to tell the bigger story.

This story originally appeared on The Local Moms Network.

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