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Sweat Circuit by Liz Merrill

Get ready to meet a dynamic woman! She is an entrepreneur, with a wealth of experience in finance, real estate, youth athletics coaching and training and group fitness. She’s also a mom. Her name is Liz Merrill! 


Today we’re exploring Liz’s cleverly named fitness studios – Sweat Circuit.  Her health and physical conditioning model specializes in fitness training programs that create efficient, science-backed results. 


Recently, Liz took a moment from her demanding schedule to share her insight, history and goals for Sweat Circuit.

María: Why did you decide to open your first location?
Liz: We wanted to bring the individualization of personal training to group fitness. We created programming that utilized the equipment set up of a personal training gym and implemented it in a fun/high energy environment at an affordable price – allowing us to reach more people and have a greater impact [than some of our competitors].


María: Did you go into the business with the intention of opening multiple locations or did the success of the first location inspire others?
Liz: The success of first inspired others, and  visiting clients want us to open studios in their neighborhoods. 

Liz is a hands-on owner who both travels among her locations to oversee management of them, while also employing others to take care of running  the daily operation of each.

María: Describe your day-to-day involvement, overseeing your studio collection?
Liz: I am in each SoCal gym every day. [I visit] Bellevue [once] per month.

The Sweat Circuit Brand

Sweat Circuit is an individualized strength and endurance training collection of fitness studios in Del Mar, Coronado and Bellevue, WA. Each studio plays host to an engaging community of members. The Sweat Circuit structure supports each member’s efforts to achieve their personal goals. With an eight year track-record of success in the fitness industry, consistent workout plans in place at all Sweat Circuit locations — in three distinct locales — Sweat Circuit continues to grow with franchise expansion coming soon to  La Jolla, Phoenix, Las Vegas and two more Seattle locations! 

María: What should potential franchisees know about how you’ve structured the Sweat Circuit brand?
Liz: Our franchisees own their own studios, but we have a unique structure that lets them earn a percentage of the overall franchise as well. 

Unlike other fitness concepts, the Sweat Circuit brand utilizes a wide range of equipment and scales to every level of fitness. We know our clients’ goals and abilities. Every workout is appropriate and safe for each individual. Our teachers are all personal trainers with the mindset of customizing each client experience.

María: How is your Sweat Circuit concept different from your fitness competitors?
Liz: We take a much more personal approach with our clients. Because we take the time to really know our people, we build a very tight community and support each other to be our very best. Our programming is completely unique through our use of a much bigger scope of equipment. 

María: What’s the Sweat Circuit mission statement?
Liz: To improve our clients lives one Sweat at a time.

With three-to-six instructors working at each location, clients are sure to get the assistance and guidance they need during their workouts. Sweat Circuit sessions can accommodate 24 people per class so the studios facilitate opportunities to connect with other like-minded fitness seekers.


The Sweat Circuit Community

María: Who is your typical client?
Liz: [Our typical clients are] 30-60 year olds, usually family people – moms and dads, but high school and college athletes LOVE our workouts!

María: Do both men and women frequent your facilities?
Liz: [It’s] 50/50 which is very rare in group fitness. Typically it’s 80% female. Men love our programming. Many couples and families workout together which is super fun! We have at least five couples that met and got married from Sweat!

Offering both classes and personal instruction, Sweat Circuit patrons enjoy a wealth of fitness trappings. A selection of Sweat Circuit gear connects clients, further solidifying the studio community with the brand and concept.

Inside a Sweat Circuit Studio

María: What type of equipment will clients find at Sweat Circuit?
Liz: This is our secret sauce! We have a very wide variety of equipment.

  • Cardio: Stepper, Ski erg, bike erg, airbike, treadmill

  • Weights: dumb bells 3lbs-100lbs, Full Squat racks, wide range of kettlebells 

  • Misc: all kinds of other fun tools (ropes, balls, bands, etc)

Wow! That’s a lot. Now, please paint a picture of how Sweat Circuit clients put all that equipent to use!

María: Describe a typical workout experience at Sweat Circuit.
Liz: Show up…Sweat… WIN! That’s our motto. Stay consistent and you will see results.

Come in, check out the workout for that day, you will be assigned a starting point (or you can pick). [One of our] instructors will do a quick run through of the workout, 2 min active warm up together, the workout begins and will last 50-54 minutes. Sometimes we will have a finisher that is done all together 

High five your teammates and you are done!

María: How does Sweat Circuit assist its clients in achieving their fitness goals?
Liz: We know our clients goals and abilities. We keep them accountable and inspired by constantly engaging with them and communicating.

María: Do you offer a trial class or a free initial fitness assessment?
Liz: Yes, [we offer] both!

María: Do you have a set schedule of classes for clients to sign up for?
Liz: Yes, [there is a schedule of classes] and a personal training [option].

Maria: What feedback have you gotten from your satisfied clients? And how do they describe their experiences and a typical workout at Sweat Circuit?
Liz: Very efficient, fun, high energy, challenging but scaled perfectly to each person’s abilities.
“An Amazing community – welcoming, supportive.”

Join the Sweat Circuit Family!

María: What incentives will you be offering this quarter to new and existing clients?
Liz: 2 weeks for $20

So that’s a very client-friendly deal and a thoughtful salute to new clients to join the Sweat Circuit family! I imagine that makes newcomers feel they’re the key ingredient in the studio. 

María: What’s the best way for new clients to check out Sweat Circuit?
Liz: Instagram @sweatcircuitdelmar, our website, or call me! 206-354-2929.

Each Sweat Circuit studio is a community of like-minded women and men who energetically take on their Sweat goals!

Remember the Sweat Circuit motto: Show up, SWEAT, WIN!

The North County Moms is honored to add Sweat Circuit to its list of community-leading marketing partners!

Featured editorial  & interview questions written by Maria Felicia Kelley.
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