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Since we last visited the spa-like, Bespoke Dentistry’s dental offices of Dr. Leah Stempfle in Del Mar Highlands, as expected, the practice continues to rise as a standout in North County. Instantly, you’ll be reminded of its state-of-the-art dental equipment, astute interior design, gracious amenities, comprehensive oral analysis and a team of dedicated and professional staff members who add a finishing touch to each of the office’s unique elements. Patients immediately learn that a routine teeth cleaning or whitening appointment can morph into a new practice to call their dental home.

I had a chance to ask Dr. Leah some additional questions since our last featured editorial with her and her right hand — business partner and husband — Ryan Stempfle. With their smartly chosen office location at the vibrant, popular and reimagined Del Mar Highlands Town Center with a fortuitous positioning near Sky Deck, I was curious about the forward thinking that brought the Stempfles to this particular North County location last summer, opening their doors on August 10, 2022.

A dental practice in Del Mar Highlands

María: What makes Del Mar Highlands the most suitable location for your “delightfully different dentistry?
Dr. Leah: Del Mar Highlands Town Center is a very special place, and we feel fortunate to be on what is called: Health Row! We’re next to other health and wellness providers (Revel, Restore, iTan, StretchLab, Row House, Rumble, The Dance Academy, Club Pilates and Perlman Clinic). We moved from Canada to attain greater health, fitness and wellness and we feel this center is uplifting and thrives due to the positive energy created by everything and everyone surrounding each other with a common goal of health and wellness.

We are in the new phase of the center near the Sky Deck and Jimbo’s Organic grocery store. [There are] many other boutique shops such as Vuori, Tucci, Atelier Optica and Geppetto’s toy store but also other services for hairstyling, nails and cosmetic services, like Botox, fillers and facials. This is not a big box complex; it is truly a one-stop-shop filled with unique, innovative, boutique businesses that provide outstanding services to the community. Lots of free parking, and many things to do for all ages on any day or evening of the week, this is a very special center for families, friends, and colleagues to enjoy great food, wellness services, banking, a carwash, a dog wash, etc. Whatever you can think of, Del Mar Highlands has it, and if you don’t find what you need, one more world class center is across the street; you may have heard of it: One Paseo!

María: Speaking of your origins in Canada and your 15-year profession there, how is dentistry in the U.S. different from a similar practice in Canada?
Dr. Leah: Practicing dentistry [in the U.S.] is similar with the exception of insurance. In Canada, everyone is covered under the government plan, and you can go to any dental office. Here, we see that not everyone has insurance, and that some have insurance of many different kinds and levels. In our view, this can inhibit patients from receiving the best care, and in some cases, receiving care at all. [As I mentioned previously] we want to encourage all of our patients to attain PPO insurance (we accept all PPO level insurance) or by joining our own in-house membership to ensure they are receiving optimal care at least twice a year from a prevention standpoint, ideally with an airflow and guided biofilm therapy (GBT) to reduce any need for a filling, crown, or implant.

Without a doubt,  Dr. Leah’s dentistry experience and expertise affords her patients the highest caliber dental care through standard dental visits or thoughtfully crafted aesthetic packages and membership plans. Dr. Leah has prioritized the acquisition of a wealth of advanced dental equipment to assist in the execution of her dental care vision for each of her patients. Each element complements a goal in the Bespoke Dentistry mission. But I did wonder if a particular feature of her practice was a highlight.

María: What are you the most proud to offer your patients?
Dr. Leah: We are most proud to offer a world class, unique, relaxing, spa-like dental experience for our patients that is different than any other practice in Southern California. Starting with the ambiance of the music in the ample-sized parking lot at Del Mar Highlands Town Center, to the walk past boutique shops, water features, restaurants and other health and wellness-focused businesses to support a fun, convenient visit. We want our patients to look forward to their dental visit so once they arrive, they will be greeted with a list of amenities to help them feel relaxed, anxiety free and comfortable during their entire visit.

Warm-water, no-pain teeth cleaning

María: What about the tools and equipment that you and your team have access to? How is the AIRFLOW warm-water cleaning system different from standard teeth-cleaning methods?
Dr. Leah: The Airflow system provides a no-pain cleaning with regulated warm water to, not only clean your teeth better than they have ever been before, but it will actually remove stains and whiten as it cleans. The system does not scrape teeth with metal, [instead] it sprays air, water and erythritol powder that acts as a biofilm inhibitor to reduce plaque even after your cleaning. We include a disclosing solution on your teeth that is painted on, highlighting where plaque is and guiding our hygienists.


María: What feedback have you received from your patients about the innovative AIRFLOW teeth-cleaning system?
Dr. Leah: We have 50 x 5 star reviews on Google since opening in August. A snapshot showcasing a few of the reviews related to our cleaning system [tells a story we’re proud of].

María: Please describe the Digital Smile Design process, features and objectives. Specifically, how do 3D-printed versions of temporary teeth factor into the design process?
Dr. Leah: We can actually create a model of your new smile within our 3D printer so that you can try it on, talk with it, and compare your before and after only 1 week after your first digital scan with our 5D Itero scanner. This is just like a “test drive” experience so you can truly see, touch and feel your smile in your mouth while you talk, laugh, and move. Essentially get a glimpse of what your “after” will look like before your dental treatments have even begun!

With Digital Smile Design, Dr. Leah can show you a visual representation of your expected outcome digitally, but also physically in your mouth with in-office 3D printed temporary teeth, bringing you into the experience to co-create your results.

Invisalign vs. metal braces

Since we’re talking about smiles, it’s a great time to discuss straightening the teeth. Knowing that Bespoke Dentistry offers Invisalign exclusively, I wanted to chat a bit about what patients might expect from teeth straightening through this innovative technique.

María: Please describe the best candidate for Invisalign.
Dr. Leah: Patients with all their adult teeth, which is generally the age of 14 or older.

María: What are some of the responsibilities associated with wearing the clear aligners?
Dr. Leah: Aligners should be worn 22 hours a day, and the teeth and aligners should be kept clean between meals.

María: What is the average timeframe a patient can expect to wear the Invisalign product?
Dr. Leah: This is very dependent on the movements that are required, and how much the aligners are being worn. On average we see 8-12 month treatments.

María: How does a patient’s age and teeth/gum condition factor into the Invisalign option?
Dr. Leah: Invisalign is ideal for patients who have all of their adult teeth and good gum health. Poor gum health can contraindicate orthodontic treatment.

María: How is Invisalign different from metal braces?
María: Wearability?
Dr. Leah: Invisalign is removable and therefore allows teeth to be more easily cleaned compared to metal braces.

María: Ease of care?
Dr. Leah: Invisalign is easy to care for; they are cleaned at the same time as brushing your teeth.

María: Length of treatment?
Dr. Leah: Most orthodontic treatments and the average Invisalign cases can be done in the same amount of time as metal braces. Complex orthodontic treatments can take longer with Invisalign and can be done with metal braces more predictably.

María: Cost?
Dr. Leah: Comparable.

Wisdom teeth

María: Wisdom teeth – what’s the verdict? Inquisitive parents want to know: should they be removed, or should they remain? Why?
Dr. Leah: Often there is no room for wisdom teeth so they stay impacted or become very difficult to clean. This can result in infection indicating removal. However, if they erupt into the mouth, and you can keep them clean, you can keep them!

In conclusion

It’s been a pleasure getting to know the dental business duo, Dr. Leah and Ryan Stempfle! Their desire to bring their one-of-a-kind Bespoke Dentistry practice and innovative dental care concept to Southern California, and more specifically, North County, makes us one lucky community! Not only has the pair become a trusted collaborator of The North County Moms, but I now know firsthand, the care and attention to detail they offer the patients of their practice. It is my pleasure to endorse them and to recommend them to our audience. I can’t wait for my next teeth cleaning! Simply link click here when you’re ready to schedule your own teeth cleaning or whitening appointment.

Bespoke Dentistry — Building a new tradition of dental care excellence in North County

Photos & graphics provided by: Bespoke Dentistry

Written by Maria Felicia Kelley
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