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Why should you consider martial arts? 

With so many different sports and activities available you might be wondering, why martial arts? What are the unique benefits to this type of training that set it apart from other activities? Martial arts training is more than just fighting or competing as some may think. Not only do you build crucial self-defense skills, but you develop life changing physical and mental benefits that make this type of training one of the best things you can do for your health and the health of your family! I’d like to mention just a handful and the many amazing benefits of martial arts training for both children and adults!


  1. Discipline.

Parents, who wouldn’t love a little more discipline in their child? This is a struggle for a lot of children these days with short attention spans. In martial arts training the discipline is built in! It takes focus and discipline to learn each technique as well as to practice and master each skill. The repetition of the movements and the structure of the classes makes discipline a natural result of martial arts training.

  1. Confidence.

Many children are suffering from lack of confidence these days due to limited social interactions. Not only does martial arts provide a positive social environment, but students feel empowered and emboldened as they develop and master their skills. We create an environment where students feel safe to learn and empowered to step out of their comfort zones. Students are given the opportunity to lead by doing things like leading warm up exercises or helping a new student. They are recognized for their effort and success which improves confidence tremendously!

  1. Decision making and self-defense.

Not only do students learn physical self-defense techniques, they also learn about how to make smart decisions and be aware of their surroundings. They learn defensive moves and to listen to their “gut” when a situation doesn’t seem right. We reinforce healthy habits and a sense of right and wrong to help students discern situations and make decisions that will help keep them safe both physically and mentally.

  1. Fitness.

Who doesn’t want their child to be healthy! Martial arts is such a great physical workout because it works the entire body while developing both strength and cardio endurance. It’s also lot’s of fun so children rarely complain about the exercise!

  1. Mental health.

What’s so great about martial arts is it provides a positive peer group for students to connect with and leaves them feeling supported and encouraged. Martial arts programs help provide stability that children desperately need and the physical exercise is great for producing endorphins, our natural mood enhancer! This all helps students to develop into positive and happy children!


  1. Body composition.

If you’ve struggled to change your body composition using traditional fitness methods, the problem might not be you, it’s likely the routine. Martial arts workouts engage the entire body, especially the core and legs which help to burn major calories and sculpt your muscles. The other point to consider is the degree of enjoyment you get from your fitness routine. If you dread going to the gym, you’re not likely to stick with it or see the same results. If you love your routine, and it’s hard not to love it, you’ll be excited to train and stick with it for the long haul!

  1. Strength and flexibility

The movements of martial arts naturally build strength and develop flexibility. The dynamic stretches help to loosen up the hamstrings, hip flexors, calves and more. Whether you’re hitting heavy bags or practicing takedowns with a partner, your muscles will become stronger and more agile with each session.

  1. Mental clarity

Learning martial arts requires focus and helps take your mind off of stressors and distractions. Many adults love martial arts training for the mental clarity and sharpness it helps to develop. It’s great for stress relief, mood boosting, and helps you keep a positive perspective.

  1. Community

Could you use a positive peer support group? Students build meaningful bonds with one another and friendships that support a common goal. It’s such a great feeling to show up to class after a hard day and be encouraged by your fellow classmates! Martial arts friends help motivate you toward something positive and beneficial to your health!

  1. Confidence.

We talk a lot about confidence as a benefit of martial arts for kids, but truthfully adults see a major improvement in this area as well. Being strong makes us feel good about ourselves. Learning how to defend yourself makes you feel empowered and learning new skills increases your confidence in your abilities. Not to mention the physical results you’ll see through regular training will make you feel good about your body!

Why martial arts? Why not martial arts? Why not check out a class and see what makes martial arts training so great! If you live in Poway or nearby San Diego areas, click HERE to set up a free trial class. We hope to see you soon!

Article by Stephanie Spears
Seven Spears Martial Arts Academy
Owner/Head Instructor
Author, The Black Belt Playbook
Seven Spears Martial Arts – YouTube
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