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One thing many moms might agree on is the need to be more engaged with their families’ financial planning. Often, women don’t understand how being financially underinformed can affect their future. Often, moms leave the planning and concern for financial security to their spouses. Frequently, families are unaware of the options available to protect their financial well-being.

Enter, Solmaz Morales. Solmaz is a local North County financial advisor with Northwestern Mutual*. Her goal is to bring a new awareness and comfortability to women — whether moms, grandmoms or childless women — to begin learning about becoming financially protected, secure and knowledgeable about growing their wealth and protecting their plan against financial devastation.

Solmaz is also a wife and a mom to two young children and is raising her family here in North County. So, insightfully, she advises from a position of knowing the concerns of young families.

The following is my interview with Solmaz. I hope you’ll enjoy our conversation. Solmaz shared a wealth of information that I’m certain moms in our audience will find both enlightening and helpful.

María: Tell us about your background in the financial industry. It’s fascinating to hear how young you were when you first entered the business!

Solmaz: Sure! It’s great to talk about my journey in the financial industry. I actually started pretty young, during my last year in high school, as a teller at a large institution. It was quite an eye-opening experience for me because I discovered early on how much I enjoyed interacting with people and assisting them with their financial needs. Thankfully, I had some really supportive managers who saw my potential and encouraged me to advance in my banking career. Their guidance really helped me navigate through the industry and grow both personally and professionally.

María: What are your goals (what’s your mission) in working as a financial advisor?

Solmaz: My mission as a financial advisor is deeply rooted in making a meaningful impact on as many lives as I can. I strive to be there every step of the way for my clients, providing them with all the necessary information to make educated decisions and empowering them to take action.

As a parent myself, I understand the instinct to want to protect our children from any potential harm. While it’s impossible to shield them completely from life’s uncertainties, there are certainly actionable steps we can take to secure their financial future, especially in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as the loss of a parent. By helping families understand and implement these strategies, I aim to offer peace of mind and security, ensuring that their family’s financial well-being remains protected no matter what challenges may arise.

María: What excites you most about working in the financial industry as an advisor?

Solmaz: The opportunity to meet new people and collect infinite wisdom from their personal experiences is one of the biggest draws for me. Each client brings a unique perspective and set of priorities to the table, and I find gratification in truly understanding what matters most to them.

Collaborating with clients to craft a well-thought-out plan that resonates with their goals and values is incredibly rewarding. Moreover, witnessing the progress and positive impact of these plans as they unfold over time is truly inspiring.

It’s incredibly gratifying to see clients achieve their milestones and move closer to their aspirations with each step forward. This dynamic journey of understanding, planning, and progress is what fuels my passion for working in the financial industry as an advisor.

María: What, if any, have been some of the challenges you’ve overcome as a woman working in the financial industry?

Solmaz: As a woman working in the financial industry, I’ve encountered some challenges along the way. One significant obstacle is the underrepresentation of women in this field. It’s not uncommon to find a scarcity of female professionals, especially in certain areas of finance. However, these challenges have also fueled my determination to carve out my own path and establish my practice. Having my own practice is important to me because it provides a platform to give women a choice and a voice in finance.

“A choice and a voice,” I like that! Sounds like a female financial movement!

By creating a space where women feel heard, respected, and empowered to make informed financial decisions, I hope to contribute to greater diversity and inclusivity within the industry. Despite the obstacles, I see each challenge as an opportunity to advocate for change and to inspire other women to pursue careers in finance. It’s about breaking barriers, fostering inclusion, and creating opportunities for all individuals to thrive, regardless of gender.

María: Given our discussion, I feel I know at least one segment of your demo, but please tell us who is your target demographic broadly?

Solmaz: My primary client demographic includes families, couples, and ambitious professionals. I work with individuals and households who are seeking to navigate their financial journeys with clarity and confidence. Whether it’s planning for their children’s education, saving for retirement, saving on taxes or strategizing for major life events, my clients value comprehensive financial guidance tailored to their unique goals and circumstances.

  • For families, I focus on building strategies that prioritize their long-term financial well-being while addressing immediate needs and concerns.
  • Couples often seek guidance on merging their financial lives and planning for shared goals such as buying a home or starting a business together.
  • Additionally, ambitious professionals benefit from personalized strategies aimed at maximizing their earning potential, managing debt, and accumulating wealth while also protecting their current and future earnings.

Ultimately, my goal is to serve as a trusted advisor who understands my clients’ priorities and helps them navigate the complexities of planning with clarity, purpose, and peace of mind.

María: Why have you selected individuals in this demographic to assist in their pursuits of long-term financial health?

Solmaz: There are a variety of reasons, one of which is their often hectic lifestyles. Many in this [collective] demographic lead busy lives, juggling careers, family responsibilities, and personal pursuits, which can leave little time for thorough planning. Unfortunately, the “always-on-the-go” modern life can make individuals and families vulnerable to financial setbacks and unexpected life events.

Without proper planning in place and foresight, they may find themselves ill-prepared to navigate financial challenges that could potentially have devastating consequences. By targeting this demographic, I aim to bridge the gap between their busy schedules and their need for a solid plan.

María: Overall, how would you describe developing your profession in the financial industry in North County? If you can, please share both the good and the challenging.

Solmaz: It has been a journey filled with both rewarding experiences and challenges. I consider myself fortunate to be part of a dedicated team that prioritizes integrity in all aspects of our work. Working alongside positive and supportive colleagues has made a significant difference in my professional growth and overall job satisfaction.

However, it hasn’t been without its challenges. One of the most significant hurdles I’ve faced is balancing the demands of studying for certifications, managing my household responsibilities, and fulfilling my duties at the office. There have been times when it felt like juggling multiple priorities was overwhelming, and I often reflected on the quote, “Nothing easy is ever worth doing,” which resonated deeply during those moments.

Despite the challenges, what truly fuels my passion for my profession is the opportunity to connect with the community. I’ve had the privilege of meeting many wonderful people who have enriched my professional journey with their stories, insights, and trust. Building relationships within the community and making a positive impact on the lives of those around me is what motivates me to overcome obstacles and continue striving for excellence in my career.

María: What would you most like moms in our audience to know about investing in their family’s financial health?

Solmaz: Mothers, you already do so much to take care of your families, and your desire to provide the best for your children and protect them from harm is truly commendable. I understand how overwhelming it can be to juggle multiple responsibilities and find time for everything, especially when it feels like there aren’t enough hours (or coffee) in the day.

However, it’s important to carve out even just a little time to prioritize conversations about your family’s financial future. By taking proactive steps to protect your family’s financial well-being, you can ensure that all your hopes and dreams for your loved ones remain within reach, even in the face of unexpected challenges.

We may not know what tomorrow brings, but by planning for the “what ifs” in life, we can safeguard our families against financial devastation. Ultimately, investing in your family’s financial health is about creating a foundation of stability and security that allows you to focus on what matters most: nurturing your family’s growth, happiness, and well-being. By taking small steps today, you can help shape a brighter and more secure future for your loved ones’ tomorrow.

María: What’s the best way for members of our audience to contact you and/or meet with you?

Solmaz: The best way to contact me is at (760) 795-5244. We would then schedule a date/time to meet via zoom or at my office in Carlsbad. I know how busy we all can get, so I’ll do my best to accommodate your schedule.

María: Please tell us a little about your children and family life.

Solmaz: My family means the world to me! My husband and have two amazing kids—a 6-year-old daughter and a 5-year-old son. They bring so much joy, laughter, and adventure into our lives every single day.

One of the things we love to do together as a family is spend time outdoors, especially hiking and exploring new places countywide. It’s incredible to see the world through our children’s eyes as they discover new trails, observe nature, and get excited about the next new adventure.

Our family is the heart and soul of everything we do. They are my greatest blessings, and I now understand why my mom emphasized spending Sundays with our family every week. Thanks mom!

María: How do you balance mommyhood and the demands of your profession?

Solmaz: Wake up early, drink lots of coffee and input everything in my calendar. I make sure to squeeze some alone time when my schedule allows to recharge and get back in the game!

Since we’re all about things North County, I have a few residential, location and destination questions.

María: How long have you been a North County resident?

Solmaz: 8 years and planning on being here the rest of my life.

María: What do you love most about living in North County?

Solmaz: The weather and the people! There are so many parks and beautiful beaches within a short drive.

María: What are some of your favorite North County restaurants?

Solmaz: There are too many good places to list, so here are just a few of them: Jeune et Julie, Waverly, Sushi Taisho, Campfire, Pure Tacos, Pitfire Pizza & Spiritos .

María: Please tell us a favorite item on the menu and why it rocks!

Jeune et Jolie [French] – Everything is sophisticated and delightful
Campfire [Californian/American] – the charred Broccoli- I love vegetables anyway, but the presentation coupled with the unique flavors are mouthwatering good
Pitfire Pizza [Pizza] – María: I’m guessing, Pizza?! 😉
Spiritos [Italian] – Eggplant parmesan with their delicious homemade sauce that is in my opinion, the best!

Well, because of Solmaz’s enthusiasm alone, I have now added her four restaurant standouts to our resource list. Please check them out. And tell them Solmaz sent you!

María: What’s a favorite place to hang out with your kids/husband/family in Carlsbad/North County?

Solmaz: We love going to all the beaches here particularly in Carlsbad, Del Mar and Encinitas. My favorite place is the beach, and I’ll find any excuse to go there!

María: What are some favorite destinations in San Diego, countywide?

Solmaz: My kids love going to the New Children’s Museum in SD, they rotate some of their exhibits/play areas and the brand new park across the street from the museum that’s even gated! Torrey Pines State Beach, Coronado – Hotel Del Coronado and beach are a must visit!

María: What’s a favorite SoCal destination?

Solmaz: Disneyland

I guess that was a silly question. 😉 If you live in SoCal and have kids, that would be the correct answer!

María: And since we share a NorCal previous home location in common (in the same town, no less! How serendipitous!) I’m curious, what were some of your favorite spots in the Bay Area that our audience might enjoy on a trip up north?

Solmaz: The Monterey Bay Aquarium, Carmel by the Sea, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, DeYoung Museum, the Cliff restaurant in San Francisco, to name a few.

Our family spent many weekends at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and it was often a preferred destination for my sons’ school field trips! It’s such an expansive place with so much useful oceanography to explore, plus a wealth of fun, interactive exhibits. Kids love it! And parents do, too. Not to mention, it’s nestled in such a fun area of downtown Monterey. Our family has a lot of great memories and photos of our days spent at the aquarium!

María: Do you have any hobbies or creative pursuits that fill your calendar besides being an awesome mom, wife, and a finance professional?

Solmaz: Sometimes I’ll roller skate, but my favorite hobby is ice skating!

Wow! How cool is that?! You don’t often hear about adults roller-skating or ice skating as a go-to hobby. I love it. And I love roller skating. I try to ice skate every year at the Hotel Del holiday rink, but it’s pretty pathetic. So kudos to you. I’m envious.

María: What do you do for self care and relaxation to regroup when needed?

Solmaz: Weather permitting, I’ll go for a walk/run by the beach or sit on the sand and let the calming effects of the waves crashing onto the beach consume me.

María: Do you have a favorite spa, fitness center, or other place in North County to decompress or recharge?

Solmaz: I don’t have one yet, but I’d love to hear about some recommendations from the subscribers.


Calling all North County day spas and fitness centers! Solmaz wants to hear from you. Moms with suggestions, too, get in touch!

It’s such a pleasure to welcome Solmaz to The North County Moms’ website and other platforms! I am inspired to learn more about doing more to protect my family’s financial future. I’m happy to share this important information with our audience! Be sure to reach out to Solmaz Morales at (760) 795-5244.

Family portrait photo credits: Katrina Marie
*Please be advised:
 Northwestern Mutual is the marketing name for The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company (NM) and its subsidiaries in Milwaukee, WI.
 Financial Advisors do not render tax advice. Consult with a tax professional for tax advice that is specific to your situation.

Written by Maria Felicia Kelley
@thenorthcountymoms | @1MariaFelicia 
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