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Day 13

Grilled chicken


So grilled chicken is the protein our family gravitates to. Yes, we eat a fair amount of fish, but chicken, I would say, is our family’s staple protein product. Since my husband loves to grill on his Weber, we eat lots of grilled chicken breasts and cut-up whole chicken. And because he’s Greek and has a passion for cooking Greek food, we do souvlaki, but also lots of lemon-based broiled chicken, too. We don’t eat red meat as a rule of thumb, except for on Easter and Christmas. So we borrow from his Greek tradition with grilled lamb chops on the menu on those special days. 


As noted by the National Chicken Council, grilled chicken is packed with “nutrient-dense, high-quality protein” containing “all nine-amino acids.” And as many know, protein is vital for the body for proper growth throughout all phases of development – even during pregnancy. Protein fuels the general workings of the body, including cell repair, hair and nail growth, not to mention bone and muscle growth, hormone production, blood clotting and more. The USDA lists chicken as an excellent source of selenium, phosphorus, vitamin B6, and niacin. These nutrients aid in proper functioning of the thyroid and cellular activity. And chicken contains amino acids that help synthesize proteins which promote and regulate hormones that assist sleep.


As you might imagine, the qualities inherent in chicken are excellent features for a cleanse. Chicken is straightforward to make in larger quantities to have on hand for at-your-fingertips snacking. Chicken, along with my stash of nuts and seeds, dates, mango and carrot and celery sticks with almond butter sustain me from one clean meal to the next.  

María Felicia’s 2023 New Year Body… Cleanse – Day 13

Written by Maria Felicia Kelley
Maria Felicia Kelley is not a medical doctor. The cleanse and fasting benefits she discusses in this post are derived from her own experiences and observations. Individuals should consult their own healthcare providers when eliminating foods from their diets.
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